About Us

“People often wonder about the widespread nature of Belgravia’s interests and how the pieces fit together. The answer is simple.

When I started Belgravia Group in 1990, we had four objectives in mind and these still remain our shared objectives today.

  1. To create or invest in businesses which dominate their business segments, building these businesses to be number 1 players within their industry.
  2. To generate strong cash flows.
  3. To back and assist young people in developing their businesses.
  4. To provide an enjoyable environment where employees can flourish.

After 33 years, I am proud to say we are achieving these objectives on a daily basis. We have several businesses which are leading players in their fields, and we have several businesses which are well on the way to becoming industry leaders.

We have a talented team of people within the group and dedicated staff who work hard to build success. The past has been rewarding, but it’s the future that is exciting.”

Geoff Lord, Chairman and CEO
Belgravia Group