Belgravia Foundation, in partnership with Belgravia Group, successfully raised $500,000 for The Portsea Camp ensuring no child misses out

The Portsea Camp

The Belgravia Foundation, in partnership with The Belgravia Group, has successfully raised $500,000 over a five-year period, to support The Portsea Camp in ensuring no child misses out.

The money raised will go towards staff training to increase the knowledge, skills, confidence, and capacity of team members to better welcome, support and include everyone in the facilities, services, and programs at the camp.

The Belgravia Foundation and The Portsea Camps have similar missions to reduce barriers to participation in sport, aquatic, fitness, recreation, and health programs for our most vulnerable and under-represented groups within the community. CEO of Belgravia Foundation Dr Jeff Walkley has applauded this partnership in support of connecting youth in need to camping, as evidence is clear of the lasting impact of such experiences on the life skills of young people.’

Chairman and CEO of The Belgravia Group, Geoff Lord explained, “The Belgravia Group’s mission is to positively impact the lives of 1,000,000 kids through sports and activities. The Portsea Camp also have a major focus on creating pathways for children who experience disadvantages and children with disabilities.”

The Belgravia Group took it upon itself to lead the fundraising and have successfully raised $500,000 over a five-year period. Donations to support The Portsea Camp during the first year were sought and were made by TATL Investments P/L ATF The Alexander Discretionary Trust, Crestland Pty Ltd, Don McLardy Pty Ltd, Brookmost Pty Ltd and The Belgravia Group.

The Belgravia Foundation has pledged to provide financial, promotional, fundraising and inclusion and diversity support each year for five years ensuring increased opportunity to participate for those who experience physical or financial hardship ensuring no child misses out.


About The Portsea Camp

The Portsea Camp’s mission is to provide opportunities for children to participate in recreational and educational activities in a safe and caring environment. They have a major focus on creating pathways for children who experience disadvantages and children with disabilities, to ensure no child misses out.

About Belgravia Foundation

The Belgravia Foundation was created by the Belgravia Group to help connect people with a disability, of diversity, and those who experience disadvantage to sport, aquatic, fitness, recreation and health programs. Belgravia Foundation acts on behalf of the leisure sector including its main innovation partners; Belgravia Leisure, Wellness, Genesis Fitness, Ninja Parc, BK Gym & Swim, Australian Sports Camps and Coaching Zone that operate facilities in Australia.

About Belgravia Leisure

Formed in 1990, Belgravia Leisure is passionate about connecting communities to leisure. Working in partnership with Government, not-for profit and the commercial sector, Belgravia Leisure has a strong track record of delivering diverse, accessible and affordable health and wellness services across Australia and New Zealand.

Currently partnering with more than 50 Local and State Government authorities, Belgravia Leisure adopts an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable approach to operations across all its sites, with a focus on healthy communities today and in the future.

Belgravia Leisure employs more than 5,000 staff in 180+ swim, sports, fitness, health and wellness and leisure facilities, and is part of Australian company, Belgravia Group, which also owns Genesis Fitness Clubs, Coaching Zone and Ninja Parc.