Social Inclusion

Belgravia Group’s aim is to achieve world best practice in access and inclusion in leisure facility operation.


Belgravia Group strives to support all in the community to benefit from the services, programs, opportunities and facilities it provides.

Through participation in these experiences, all people are provided access to opportunities that can contribute to improved health and happiness, irrespective of any personal characteristic.

Leadership is recognised as the lynchpin that underpins a culture of social inclusion, and across the Belgravia Group, our leaders have embraced and resourced social inclusion.

These leaders have actively promoted the culture of social inclusion, resourced the roles, negotiated the challenges and supported the strategies that has led to an approach that welcomes, supports and includes all, regardless of characteristic, background or circumstance.

Staff are the critical feature that enables the promotion of social inclusion, and across Belgravia Group staff have embraced and acted to support a socially inclusive culture that has enable successful programs, services, employment and facility access to occur for people of any characteristic.

In support of social inclusion, Belgravia Group works to engage with others to understand, respect and benefit from the views, needs, preferences and priorities of people from diverse backgrounds and kindred organisations. Through co-design, collective effort results in better targeted responses, improved use of resources, which combined create improved outcomes and support sustainment.

Belgravia Group seeks to be innovative and show leadership in the areas it operates, and has embraced a ‘continuous improvement’ approach that includes the collection of evidence-related outcomes for the services, programs, opportunities and facilities it provides, which in turn forms the basis for excellence.