Belgravia Group Chairman and CEO Geoff Lord inspired by all that Immersion Therapy has to offer

When Geoff Lord, Chairman and CEO of Belgravia Group first learned of Immersion Therapy earlier this year, it was clear that this world first allied health service was going to be a part of Belgravia Group’s future.

So inspired by what he learned and the life-changing impacts that had occurred for people undergoing Immersion Therapy, Geoff spontaneously took to the stage and made an ‘on-the-spot’ personal donation of $10,000. This donation was to help Determined2 provide Immersion Therapy to people who were missing out through not being able to afford the service.

Determined2 has since allocated this donation to help various clients access Immersion Therapy. On a recent visit to see Immersion Therapy in action in Adelaide, Geoff was able to meet one of the beneficiaries, and his family, who have commenced Immersion Therapy thanks to the donation he has made.

Furthermore, Geoff has given his full support to a recent groundbreaking collaboration between Determined2, Belgravia Leisure and Belgravia Foundation which will see the award-winning service of Immersion Therapy expand beyond Adelaide and reach community leisure centres across Australia and beyond.

Having the support of Geoff Lord means a lot to Pete Wilson, founder of Determind2’s Immersion Therapy.

“At Determind2 we have always had a commitment to support people who don’t have access to funding, and the donation from Geoff and the foundation means we are able to continue to make a difference for those who would otherwise miss out.

“Further to this, the investment from Belgravia Leisure to take Immersion Therapy to Australia and beyond is both bold and brave. I’m really excited to see where Belgravia Leisure can take Immersion Therapy with our shared vision, passion and purpose with people being at the centre of its success.”

Determind2’s Immersion Therapy changes the lives of countless individuals living with disabilities, injuries or illness by offering the freedom of movement within a weightless underwater environment using SCUBA equipment.

Underwater participants with various disabilities and injuries experience the joy of walking, swimming, and even dancing, which may be difficult on land. Accredited Exercise Physiologists provide expert guidance during the sessions, and participants have reported improvements in movement, pain reduction, and enhanced mental and social well-being.

The collaboration between Determined2, Belgravia Leisure and Belgravia Foundation means that Immersion Therapy will expand to Melbourne’s WaterMarc facility, with plans to introduce the program to at least ten other aquatic facilities across Australia and New Zealand in the next five years. This expansion will remove distance barriers, ensuring that individuals outside of Adelaide have access to this life-changing service.

Determined2’s Immersion Therapy has already proven to be a remarkable success, benefiting people with various conditions, including autism, anxiety, depression, MS, spinal cord injuries, and amputations. The program’s positive impact on health-related quality of life has led to extensive research in partnership with the University of South Australia, investing seven years and $1 million in research, including a three-year clinical trial.

Training of Exercise Physiologists will commence in Adelaide in August, with the first participants expected to benefit from Immersion Therapy at Melbourne’s WaterMarc venue in October. This partnership marks a significant milestone in Belgravia Foundation’s mission to empower lives and create a world where all individuals have equal access to these life-changing opportunities and resources.